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I'm Justin, a UI/UX designer living in Sioux Falls.
I adore minimalism and always laugh at fart jokes.


@studiohenriksen on Instagram

A few projects that I'm working on currently via instagram. 

Sioux Steel eCommerce Shopping Cart


With the team at Sioux Steel, I worked to first gain insight into who was using their shopping cart, what they were looking for and what problems they had with the old site. A few things came out shining: One, recommendations of other products similar to the one initially searched. And, two a fast way to checkout securely. Done and done. Introducing their e-Commerce and m-Commerce solution. 




Many distributors were ordering on their phones, and with the prior site, it made it hard with pinch and zoom and a terrible user experience during the checkout process.


E-commerce solution designed and developed for Sioux Steel Company (

Verde Martin


Jill came to me to update the look and feel of their website. We needed to connect with a gamut of audiences, young business people, salty entrepreneurs, and many others. We needed to connect. So, together we developed a plan to make it easy to use, but visually inviting by using faces and bold colors.


First National Bank of Omaha


Developed a clean solution for the "free" checking campaign. The goal was to gain a new customer base and educate the current customers on all the services that were available. 

  • Refresh current customers on services
  • Increase new customer sign-ups
  • Overall brand awareness in the Omaha area
  • Campaign ran with billboards, Google Adwords campaign, print campaign, and microsite



Campaign welcome screen. The 'R' and crane upon load animated from the top into position.

Simple microste, but really had a great impact on lead generation for First National Bank.

Although not necessary, when the user was ready to take action and figure out specifics, they were taken to this lightbox widget to select their state.

Location finder, which is based upon location selection.